This is one of the most economical and popular mats. VinLoop is constructed with 1/16” diameter vinyl threads woven and fused together to form the flat ½ inch thick roll of matting. VinLoop can easily be cut with a utility knife on site to conform to the shape of the floor or to accommodate installed fixtures.


Looped design allows for multi directional scraping action. VinLoop Can be used as door mat that traps dirt and drains water as well as in the wet areas where water drainage is the priority. For drainage purposes VinLoop has open backing so it is not be placed on surfaces that should not be exposed to water. Made out of UV resistant materials so can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

  • All mats are cut from rolls therefore max size is limited to the size  of a full roll
  • Rolls come in 4 foot widths and are 33 feet long
  • Length tolerance +/- 0.6 inch
  • Width tolerance +/- 0.5 inch
  • Thickness 1/2 inch (12mm)
  • Thickness tolerance +/- 0.02 inch
  • Weight  0.8 lb per sq/ ft
  • Standard Colors: Blue, Grey, Black. *Sometimes small quantities of Dark Grey, Green, Maroon or Red may be available
  • Composition: 100% Flexible Low toxicity PVC
  • Ultraviolet Light: Resistant to PVC degradation.