Densely packed (1/2 inch center to center) 1/4 inch wide hollow treads molded on top of perpendicular hollow treads on the bottom (spaced every 1-1/4 inches center to center). VinAir supports 50% of the foot surface area thus is comfortable to walk or stand on. Hollow treads make it even more comfortable on bare feet.


Embossed, slip resistant surface and anti-fungal, anti-bacterial additives makes VinAir the perfect mat for all sport and barefoot applications. It is not only functional floor covering that will greatly reduce slip and fall hazard but aesthetical eye-catching addition to your home or facility.

Weighting 0.77 lb pound per square foot makes larger pieces very stable. Yet hollow VinAir threads result in less material used in the production and will save you some money comparing to solid tread version of this product (see VinGrate). VinAir  is very flexible so it is easy to roll it up for storage or cleaning purposes.

Made out of recyclable food grade material that is UV resistant and is perfect for marine industry.

Size Weight
All mats are cut from rolls therefore max size is limited to full roll size
Rolls come in 3 and 4 foot widths and are 33 feet long
Length tolerance +/- 0.6 inch
Width tolerance +/- 0.5 inch
Thickness 3/8 inch
Thickness tolerance +/- 0.02 inch
Weight  0.77 lb per sq/ ft
Standard Colors
Blue, Grey, Black, Tan
100% Flexible Low toxicity PVC
Chemical .

Resistant to alcohols,  aliphatic hydrocarbons, most oils and acids

Dielectric strength Kv/11. Volume resistivity Ω-cm 1.2×1013
Functional 100 – 1400 F
Ultraviolet Light

Resistant to PVC degradation

Slip resistance.

Coefficient of Friction (µ) Dry Tan Ǿ = µ 0.674

Coefficient of Friction (µ) Wet Tan Ǿ = µ 0.604