Grate Tile

Grate Tile by VinTek is interlocking vinyl tile that is UV resistant and flexible enough to be rolled up as one piece without disassembling the piece into individual tiles. It is fairly cheap solution where good water drainage and anti slip solution is needed


Another product from VinTek – Grate Tile. Simple yet attractive pattern. Pattern is somewhat similar to another Vintek product – VinGrate wet floor mats. So if you need both – floor matting and tiles in your facility, these products will five you somewhat uniform appearance. Bottom of the tile allows for multi-directional water drainage. Tiles are flexible and locking tabs are packed densely enough to make rolling up possible as one piece when cleaning underneath is needed. Can be cut with utility knife to accommodate pipes and/or fixtures.

  • Usable area (not including interlocking tabs) is 11-3/4″ x 11-3/4″
  • Available colors – Gray; Blue and Black
  • Weight 0.9 lb per tile
  • Thickness – 3/8″
  • Material – Vinyl